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To whom is these tours? To everyone! I and my local expert team will bring you to the place where you want to be in Ethiopia and also I can tailor your itinerary program.

When you travel with us you will be not only a tourist, You will get the real insight experiences and live Ethiopia. 

Your individual tour package organized and guided by Kebe or one of the team expert.



On the left side, you find different sample tours to have an idea about possible tours. 

Of course, we can organize any individual tour which follows your interests and wishes by the easy and safe way.


I and my team can bring you closer to the local people, the culture and to tribal events and we will show you the real Ethiopia. I and my team as a local guide with a good network of tribal friends, hotels and local people. 


Why do you need a guide?

The infrastructure of Ethiopia affords well-known experiences by finding the right way - not only on the streets also by culture, local behaviour and hidden places of insights. By other hands the different language and cultural barrier. 


Do you want to travel to Ethiopia by yourself? Make your own trip and need only a driver and a car? I can offer you a secure and well-maintained car with insurance and driver service to points of interests in different areas of Ethiopia - where you want to go feel secured and enjoy your holidays.



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