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Who am I?


I am CEO and Founder of Ethiopia Individual Tours. Locally I am called "Kebe", my real name is Kebede Dalacho. I have many years of experience working as a tour guide. I love to show the travellers the real Ethiopia and give authentic inside experiences which many people don't know about. Additionally, I love empowering the local people, especially women and children and also to make happy my guests during their holidays.

I was born in Southern Ethiopia in a rural village called Saware. As a small child, I walked more than two hours to get to school and return back. Then at the age of 13, I moved to Arba Minch town and started from my youthhood to work independently as an entrepreneur and bicycle renter. The place where I was working was mentioned on the Lonely Planet travel guide book. I got the chance to assist foreign tourists to get to nearby tourist attractions in Arba Minch. Since then I am engaged as a passionate local guide and tour organizer. While working, I continued my education, I sent myself to high school and later to college. During that time I got a lot of knowledge about the travel business and its impact. I am passionate and committed tour guide and organizer for tours in the whole of Ethiopia, I really know how my guests can enjoy their trip to Ethiopia. I hold a diploma for Tour Operation Supervision from one of the best-known tourism colleges of Ethiopia, the Lion Ethiopia Tourism College. I am certified as a tour guide with the National Qualification Certificate from the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia. I believe that I can deliver and satisfy my guest's interest by the easy, safe and flexible way in the core of East Africa/Ethiopia.

What do I do? 


I make a bridge between the guests and the local host community that you can experience the real Ethiopia.

I work closely with the communities, inbound travel companies, airlines agents, local guides, tour drivers and hotels on different destinations to ensure the satisfaction of my guests.  


Why do I do it?

As the founder of Ethiopia Individual Tours, I believe that the connections between people and the experiences created by travel can enrich and change the world. I also believe that travel should always benefit both the travellers and the host communities they visit and interact.

That's why Ethiopia Individual Tours provide life-changing travel experiences and support the social economic development of the communities they impact. For more info, please visit the guestbook testimonials. 


Find us

Arba Minch/Addis Ababa


Email: kebededache@gmail.com


Phone Number (Whats App contact):

+41 76 8156013


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