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WELCOME TO ETHIOPIA INDIVIDUAL TOURS  Experienced and dependable tour guide and tour organizer - specializing in a sustainable travel. When you travel with us, you are not only our guest, you will live Ethiopia


Authentic. Adventurous. Responsible


Do you think travelling would be feasible again after the Covid - 19 Crisis in 2022-2023? Are you looking for an adventurous, authentic and responsible travel experience? Have you never been to Africa and would you like to get an authentic insightful experiences? If yes, Ethiopia Individual Tour is the right choice for you. We believe in another way of travelling: Based on mutual respect, Closer to the people and respectful towards nature and environment.  Ethiopia is one of the most welcoming countries in the world. WELCOME TO THE MOTHERLAND. when you travel with us you will be able to be integrated into the local practice, Explore, Learn and Participate. You just need to tell us what you would like to discover in Ethiopia. We are here for you to organize and customized small group tours and tailormade individual experiences. Travel with us to Ethiopia and have once your life experience. 


  • If you are thinking of visiting Ethiopia by locals point of view, especially the Omo Valley and the amazing tribes that live inside the Omo National Park or the Mago National Park, then I put my services at your disposal. I have been a motivational tour guide for more than 10 years and also have a great in-depth knowledge of the tribes and their customs. Whether it be the Eastern or Western sides of the Omo River I will take you on an amazing journey of discovery. Visit the Hamer, Dassanach, Kara, Ari, Banna, Mursi and Konso on the Eastern side or the Surma, Suri and others on the Western side.


  • Ideally, all tours to the Omo Valley leave from Arba Minch or Addis Ababa and can be from 3 days (Arba Minch only) or from as many days as you choose or as many guests as you want. But we prefer a maximum of 6-10 persons. But also I organise individual trips all the year around.


  • As a founder Kebede: I believe sustainable Ecotourism means a type of holidays that supports the local communities and protects, but I also believe holidays should give my guests a wonderful time.


Tours to other areas can be easily arranged. I have very good knowledge and experience in many parts of Ethiopia. Tours can include:


  • The origin of coffee Arabica in Kafa (Southwest) with the Biosphere Reserves Kafa, Sheka, Yayu
  • Villages and untouched cultures in the Gamo Gofa and Wolayta areas
  • Bale Mountains National Park: Nature Exploring and Hiking and Trekking Tours
  • Harar and surroundings: Historical and Cultural Tours.
  • The Northern circuits with Bahir Dar (and Lake Tana with its Biosphere Reserve), Lalibela, Gonder, Simien Mountains National Park and Aksum
  • Danakil Depression(the lowest and the hottest but also a beautiful place on the planet) Adventure and Desert Exploring Tours.
  • Last but not least the surroundings of Arba Minch, my hometown, with its Nechisar National Park, the amazing lakes, the surrounding with the famous weaver's villages Dorze and Chencha, and trekking starting from Dorze for several days


I offer my services as honest, trustworthy and dependable guide and tour organizer, a true local that knows the best in the area.


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